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Muhsin Ertugral at the Metropolitan Premier Cup

Posted on Tuesday, 03rd May 2011
by Christine van Deventer


We were very lucky to get to have a chat with Coach Muhsin Ertugral, renowned for his success in the South African PSL, who was at the tournament on an on-and-off basis this year for no other reason but to watch young players enjoy the game of football. He is now based in Cape Town which affords him the opportunity to come to the Metropolitan Premier Cup at his leisure.

In his opinion the Metropolitan under-19 Premier Cup has improved leaps and bounds over the past three years especially. He saw more spectators on the stands and also saw an upward trend in the service delivery that plays an integral part in enhancing the experience for all parties involved.

To improve the level of the tournament even more, Coach Ertugral suggests that more international teams should be invited to take part since the direct exposure to such teams would have an immediate impact on the level of football that the local teams perform at.

Coach Ertugral has recently been commissioned to start up an academy for youth between the ages of 15 and 19 in the Middle East. He has linked this initiative with the Freiburg Club and Academy in Germany and the Sepahan Isfahan FC in Iran. The initiative has in turn raised the interest of other Arab clubs who want similar cooperation integrated in their development by him specifically.

As exciting as this project is for this coach who is renowned for his ability to promote youth footballers, he will be appointing a new director to oversee it so that he can return to the field next year. Where exactly he will be coaching remains a mystery for now though.

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