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Referees for 2009 season
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Enforcing Law and Order on the Pitch

Year in year out these people undertake the sometimes thankless task of overseeing all fixtures at the Metropolitan Premier Cup. We feel it is only right to give them there positive spot in the limelight. Soon we will be adding their individual photographs and refereeing cv's to the listing.

Referees 2009 - Group Photo
Referee LFA / District CV Photo
Anwaar Alexander LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
Shane De Bruyn LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
Shahied Bains LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
S Smith LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AN/A
Abdul Feder LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
A Ganief LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AN/A
W Baadjies LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AN/A
Douglas Mitchell LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
J Malegele LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AN/A
Faizel Adams LFA Mitchell's PlainN/AView Image
Patrick Merth Rygate LFAN/AView Image
T Fry Rygate LFAN/AN/A
Naasif Julius Rygate LFAN/AView Image
N Masilela Rygate LFAN/AN/A
E De Sani Rygate LFAN/AView Image
Bevan Hollander Rygate LFAN/AView Image
E Morgan Rygate LFAN/AView Image
Jarome Damon Cape DistrictN/AView Image
Abdul Basiet Ebrahim Cape DistrictN/AView Image
C Kader Cape DistrictN/AN/A
Sharon Lombaard Cape DistrictN/AView Image
Peter John Thebus Cape DistrictN/AView Image
L Somi Metropolitan LFAN/AN/A
Andrew Meyers Metropolitan LFAN/AView Image
Donovan Sinden Metropolitan LFAN/AView Image
Faiek Daniels Greater WynbergN/AView Image
S Mabara Greater WynbergN/AView Image
T Windvoel Greater WynbergN/AN/A
Kaya Ntyinkala Langa LFAN/AView Image
Leon Mnbgquibisa Langa LFAN/AView Image
Peter Arendse Cape Town TygerbergN/AView Image
L Pupuma Nyanga LFAN/AView Image
L Dean Northerns LFAN/AN/A
Lionel Mathee SAFA WynlandsN/AView Image
S Mohono Crossroads LFAN/AN/A
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