Bayhill Premier Cup 2023 Club Ticket Campaign

BPC23 Club Ticket Campaign

With this year’s Bayhill Premier Cup final day moving away from Erica Park to Athlone Stadium we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to give clubs a fundraising opportunity.

So here is what we managed to secure for you the BPC2023 Club Ticket Campaign discount. If your club buys 100 or more ticket for the final day at Athlone Stadium the ticket will be sold to you at a discounted rate and not the individual ticket price of R50. You can then in turn sell it on to your network of people at the original R50 price and keep all the profits for your club.

How does the BPC23 Club Ticket Campaign work?

When buying your 100+ tickets you will receive a 40% discount. Each ticket in your bundle will now be R30 instead of R50. Thus, if you buy 100 tickets for R30 each and sell all 100 of them at the R50 selling price you make your club R2000 and that’s just the starting amount. This could hopefully be a little much needed boost to the running of your clubs. We know how much each club out there needs whatever help you can.

It’s important to note that this offer ends 31 March 2023.
For assistance with making use of this deal please contact

Not a club or organisation? You can still buy your individual tickets on Webtickets by clicking here or scanning the QR code below.

We look forward to seeing you at Athlone Stadium on Monday, 10 Aril 2023.