Match 1: Blue Downs Spurs vs Wayside Wanderers – Group B

Field: B

In the opening minutes Blue Downs Spurs controlled the game when they missed a 1v1 against Wayside Wanderers goalkeeper. Wayside Wanderers strikes first as number 4 Riyaad Prout scores a beautiful header from a corner kick.

Second half equaliser for Blue Downs as the feared number 21 Marcellino Solomons sends in the urgent cross and is headed home by Blue Downs number 15 Chumisa Phohlongo.

As the time edged closer to the end of the game a powerful outside-the-box volley from Wayside Wanderers number 13 Shaakir Dollie wins the game.

Wayside Wanderer wins their first group stage match over Blue Downs 2-1.

Edited by: Tarren Saunders

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