Match 20: University of Pretoria vs Ikapa Sporting – Group G

Field: B

Pretoria University kept the pressure coming in the first minutes of the match as Ikapa’s goalkeeper felt the pressure and had to be saved by his defense.

Ikapa #14 Keanu Andrews returned the pressure, but his header was misdirected.

Pretoria University broke through and scored a vital goal, but it was called offside.

Finally, the deadlock was broken in the 44th minute by Ikapa’s #3 Jared Peters as he scored the only goal of the match.

Pretoria of University had a lot of opportunities to equalize but could never keep it onside.

In a tightly contested game between Ikapa Sporting and Pretoria University, Ikapa came out on top with a 1-0 score line.


Edited by: Tarren Saunders