Match 25: Cape Town Spurs vs Panorama FC – Group C

Field: B

An evenly spread-out game from both sides, with both teams testing each other out.

Spurs won a corner kick and made the most of it as #2 Gareth Young hit a spectacular volley from outside the 16-yard box into the back of the net, allowing Spurs to take the lead.

Combination plays from Spurs saw them having numerous goal attempts in search of increasing their lead. The Pano’s continued to search for their equalizing goal but could not seem to find the right channels that could lead them to goal scoring opportunities.

A beautiful goal from the Urban Warriors #4 Juninho Koopman secured the match.

Duncan Crowie’s boys are still unbeaten with 6 goals in 2 matches.


Edited By: Tarren Saunders