Sit Down with Cape Town Spurs Coach Andrew Herman

Sit down with Cape Town Spurs Coach Andrew Herman

Cape Town Spurs finalist of the Roger Clayton Trophy 2022.

1. What was the mindset and game plan of Cape Town Spurs coming into the Bayhill Premier Cup 2022?

We came into this the Bayhill Premier Cup as a team that is well into our ABC Motsepe League with only 7 games left, the team has been playing together whole season and our players are at their peak. We had prepared for any match up because we know the talent and the passion our team possesses. We came into this tournament knowing that we were heading to the final.

2. What is your view on Cape Town Spur’s journey throughout the Bayhill Premier Cup 2022?

We saw the group matches as an opportunity to get to know the teams and to seek out the competition. As we progressed the nerves settled in causing mistakes and poor judgement on the field because our boys knew what was at stake if they had to lose a match. But now that we have reached the final, we know our capabilities and we know that we can win this final.

3. How has Cape Town Spurs prepared for their Bayhill Premier Cup final against Stellenbosch FC?

As you progress this far in any competition a certain sense of confidence settles in because you as a player, coach or manager start to really believe that this is possible. Stellenbosch FC has always been the team to beat so let us, Cape Town Spurs be the team to accomplish it.