Sit down with Stellenbosch FC Coach Jason Rhoda

Sit down with Stellenbosch FC coach Jason Rhoda

Stellenbosch FC finalist of the Roger Clayton Trophy 2022.

1. What was the mindset and game plan of Stellenbosch FC coming into the Bayhill Premier Cup 2022?

We always wanted to take it one game at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. We know what works for us as a team back at home and we carried it over to the Bayhill Premier Cup. We have a young group of players and a gifted technical team. The team has kept in mind the platform they are performing on and wanted to make the most of it. Reaching the final has been reward enough because it shows our hard work during this tournament paid.

2. What is your view on Stellenbosch FC journey throughout the Bayhill Premier Cup 2022?

The group matches were very relaxed, and we performed our best. I was extremely proud of the team they were relaxed and just played their own game. We rotated the squad as much as possible because fatigued started to kick in during the quarters and semi-finals. But we made it through regardless and here we are in the final.

3. How has Stellenbosch FC prepared for their Bayhill Premier Cup 2022? final against Cape Town?

We at Stellenbosch FC believe in development and we have been going through the processes during our practices to prepare for every possible match up. We believe in the little things such as keeping high intensity during the game, balancing out the play making the right decisions and keeping a calm head during the games. We are ready to take on Cape Town Spurs and we will give them a proper game of football.